Himalayan Black Rock Salt Food Grade Coarse – Kala Namak

Our Himalayan Black Salt is produced in Pakistan using traditional methods. Its food grade, so suitable for any application and can be ground up and placed directly into your food at home.

What is Himalayan Black Salt (Kala Namak)?

Himalayan Black Salt is made from Himalayan Pink Salt; the pink salt is coated with herbs and spices then roasted to give a brown pungent smelling rock salt. The salt is used mainly in South Asia and is commonly used in Indian food. The salt is not actually black, its usually a dark pink/purple colour which turns to a pale pastel pink colour when ground.

What’s does Himalayan Black Salt Taste Like?

The taste is a pungent smokey flavour. The sodium chloride content provides a saltiness, iron sulphide provides the purple-pink colour and sulphur compounds provide the distinctive sulphurous volcanic aroma that some say smells like rotten eggs.

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